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Ruku Samay (ASOSERSAMAY) offers many ways to learn and support the forest and the people who live here. We offer workshops and apprenticeships in plant medicine and  ancient healing rituals. We also provide many opportunities to volunteer.

Volunteer With Us

Our volunteer opportunities  are a wonderful way to give back and participate in our way of life. Our programs are fully structured  and immersive. (We require a daily stipend to participate in our programs).

Apprentice With Us

Our apprenticeship are an intensive and rare experience where we offerer the chance to learn ancient, secret ways of healing and being with revered healers (Yachaks) and midwives.  Each apprenticeship is structured and customized to the participant. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and wisdom with true seekers on the healing path.


Contact us here for more information about our volunteer and apprenticeship programs.


Join in and learn! Give back and share! The forest awaits!

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