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Ruku Samay (ASOSERSAMAY) is affiliated with organizations across Ecuador, the United States and Europe (listed below). We are deeply inspired by the incredible people and organizations we have had the joy to work and connect with.  Our most recent work is with an organization in the USA (Spirit Ecua Journey) and an organization in Europe  (Zivot Postaru) in our efforts to protect the forest and our culture.


  • Columbia University (New York, U.S.A)

  • New York University (New York, U.S.A)

  • Global Exchange (California, U.S.A)

  • Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A)

  • Santa Fe College (New Mexico, U.S.A)

  • Jefferson College (New Jersey, U.S.A)

  • Smith University (Massachusetts, U.S.A)

  • Spirit Ecua Journey (New York, U.S.A)



  • Zivotpostaru (Czech Republic)

  • University of Iceland (Reykjavik, Iceland)



  • University de Rio Bamba (Ecuador)

  • Fondacion Ayuda en Accion  (Ecuador)

  • Latin Roots Travel Agency (Ecuador)

  • ExploreAndes (Quito, Ecuador)

  • Nuevo Mundo (Quito, Ecuador)

  • Centro Samai (San Jose, Guayas, Ecuador)

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