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The RUKU Samay Family

Ruku Samay (ASOSERSAMAY) is an ecological association comprised of indigenous, Kichwa families from the Alto Napo region of the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. The association is a family-owned, healing center and ecolodge rooted in a sacred, shamanic lineage  of healers (Yachaks) that goes back generations.  Our mission is to preserve our indigenous, Kichwa culture, our traditions and our sacred forest and ancestral lands. We believe that we can accomplish protecting our forest, our heritage and our way of life by sharing it with others. So, together, we grow stronger and together we can provide a shining example that balance and harmony  can be reached. We work tirelessly to prevent deforestation and contamination of our rivers and the sale of land to mining, oil  and logging interests that threaten our the beloved forest home. Our deepest hope is that this generation and generations to come will follow the way of our ancestors and continue to preserve, protect and cherish the forest.


Ruku Samay is  part of an extended rainforest community that has its roots in the neighboring community of Rio Blanco which was founded in the 1970s as a way to preserve the Kichwa culture, traditions and way of life.  We are deeply connected with our brothers and sisters locally. We are also connected to a larger community made up of our friends, guests, and colleagues from across the world. We are inspired and grateful every day to be part of such an extensive global family. Come and join us!

Our Community
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