Go where the spirit takes you. Run bare footed through forest. Skinny dip in waterfalls. Learn how we fish and hunt. Join us on our farm. Help the Shamans collect medicinal plants for ceremonies or simply walk tall among trees older then your name. Or wake up early in the morning and join the family for cup of Guayusa and listen to stories that will open your heart and expand your consciousness.

We are more then happy to organize some treks around our amazing home. Once you learn to move around the forest by yourself you are more then welcome to visit these sacred places on your own. We invite you to approach these places with gratitude and respect following the way of our people when wondering the forest.

The plants, animals and spirits are waiting.


The Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador is one of the most bio diverse places on earth! Just 62 acres (1/4 of a square kilometer) of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador supports over 1,100 species of trees. There are more species of trees and bushes in one hectare here than in all of North America. In addition, the Amazon in Ecuador is teaming with animal species. In Yasuni alone there are 150 amphibian species (more than the U.S. and Canada combined), 121 species of reptiles, over 200 species of mammals, over 596 of birds, and 382 species of fish.

We invite you to explore as much as your spirit guides you to. We love to wander the forest and you will too. We can organize amazing day treks around Ruku Samay to see amazing places such as waterfalls, hidden springs and vistas. We can also organize longer treks to spend nights deep within the heart of the Amazon. 




Deep within forest, out beyond the lodges daily wanderings, the forest hides a true gem: a sulfurous river. This red colored  clay has amazing health benefits and it's great fun to give yourself a mud bath! Join us on a walk in the forest, cover yourself in this silky clay, frolic among the tree sprites, and then wash it all off in a hidden Jaguar pond. A day to remember!


A temazcal ([temasˈkal]) is a type of sweat lodge which originated with pre-Hispanic Indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica

We have built our own version of it right on the stone beach of the river Huambuno that wraps its arms around Ruku Samay. Join us in this true spiritual sanctuary, and  experience our shamanic practices of rebirth and renewal.


Right next to our home run the sacred rivers of Huambuno and Rio Blanco filled with fish! Besides standard fishing practices we also invite you to learn and participate in our traditional fishing methods.


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