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Ruku Samay

  Experience  the  Amazon 

Learn. Heal. Renew.




Ruku Samay (ASOSERSAMAY) is an ecological association comprised of indigenous Kichwa families from the Alto Napo region of the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. The association is a family-owned, healing center and ecolodge rooted in a sacred, shamanic lineage  of healers (Yachaks) that goes back generations.  

In addition to our healing center, we are also dedicated activists working tirelessly to protect the rainforest, our people and our customs from invasive mining, and logging interests that threaten Pacha Mama and our way of life. (Read here about the organizations we  work with).  

We invite you to experience the Amazon through our indigenous Kichwa traditions. Journey deep within the the forest.  Explore our culture barely touched by modern life. Walk among the tall ancient trees. Run barefoot on sacred paths.  Give yourself the chance to reconnect to the life around and within you in a place where nature is wild and untamed.


 As we strive to maintain the tradition and teachings of  our ancestors we offer various holistic methods for how to help you journey within and heal the mind and body and spirit.

At Ruku Samay, it's a truly immersive experience. Get ready for the magic!

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